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HRC Launches DOMA Petition To Congress

The Human Rights Campaign today launched a petition to members of Congress, demanding that they not allow a defense of DOMA.
This week, the Obama Administration made history by ending its defense of DOMA in the federal courts. But just as President Obama dealt a blow to this discriminatory law, Speaker Boehner and Republican leaders could step in and begin defending it. Anti-LGBT lawmakers are being pressured by right-wing groups to use taxpayer resources to defend this discriminatory law in court. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX) and other members of Congress have already stepped in to defend DOMA in another federal court. Republican leaders could decide within days, so we don't have much time. Congress should be helping Americans in this struggling economy, not wasting our tax dollars to defend an unconstitutional law!
NOTE: You'll probably end up on HRC's mailing list if you sign.

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