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KANSAS: Hate Group Organizes To Oust Pro-Gay "Little Apple" Officials

"Are we just going to wait for the election on April 5 and get these three new commissioners in there and see if it can be reversed that way? Or are we going to go with a citizen petition drive to get it on a ballot? We could either get it on the April 5 ballot or we could wait for a special election. The mayor, Bruce Snead, Jim Sherow, and Jayme Morris-Hardeman really believe that they were the Martin Luther Kings of Kansas. They're just so determined to get these homosexual special rights delivered to this community that two of them [who] are up for re-election [are] not even running for re-election -- probably because they know they would never be re-elected." - Donna Lippoldt, head of the Kansas Family Policy Council, announcing plans to oust the backers of the brand-new LGBT rights law in tiny Manhattan, Kansas.

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