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PhoboQuotable - Jeffrey Kuhner

"The homosexual lifestyle signifies the triumph of neo-pagan Epicureanism. By its very nature, homosexuality cannot fulfill the primary function of sex: procreation and the reproduction of the human race. It is inherently a socially barren act. A homosexual society is a childless one - doomed to extinction. [snip] Contrary to the claims of liberals, marriage is not a 'civil right' - something to be dispensed at the behest of anyone who wishes it. If this were true, it would unleash the floodgates. Polygamy, 'transgender' unions, bestiality, pedophilia - all forms of deviant sexual behavior could claim discrimination. It is a recipe for moral anarchy and social disintegration. For centuries, public acceptance of homosexuality has been identified with decadence, decline and the fall of civilizations." - Washington Times columnist and wingnut radio commentator Jeffrey Kuhner, who says the other 95% of Americans will stop having babies if same-sex marriage becomes legal.

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