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PhoboQuotable - Jennifer Norse

"Don’t try to tell me 'nothing so terrible has happened in Massachusetts.' Redefining marriage redefines the way in which generations relate to one another. It is ludicrous to believe that we would feel the full impact of such a change in a few years. It will take at least a generation, a full thirty years or more, before the full effects of redefining marriage work themselves out throughout the social system.

"The only argument you have is so-called 'equality.' You have taken a venerable American concept and twisted it out of recognition. Equality used to mean limiting the power of the state to make irrelevant distinctions among citizens. In your hands, equality has become a battering ram for smashing every aspect of social life that has any hint of sexual differentiation. No more mothers and fathers, only Parent 1 and Parent 2." - Ruth Institute bigot Jennifer Norse, testifying for NOM at Wednesday's hearings in Rhode Island.

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