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Today's Message From Eugene Delgaudio

Today's email from Eugene Delgaudio, the self-named Public Advocate of the Unites States, comes with a photo of a frog attached. Because somebody out there has been calling poor Eugene some really really mean names. Like "frog-faced." And the 300 other names listed below. But you know what would make him feel better? If you sent him some money. Right now.
There is a saying that you can tell a man by the caliber of his enemies. The liberals and homosexuals call me “frog”, toad, caliban of the right (a monstrous, and ugly creature), racist, homophobe, cockroach, snake, unknown, nobody, dangerous, underhanded, threatening, confrontational, antagonist of the left, rightwing extremist, gadfly, loon, lunatic, over the edge, fundamentalist, charismatic, ego driven, single issue, loner, uncompromising, immoderate, intemperate, narrow-minded, irrelevant, pinhead, lesser-known, infamous, intransigent, paleo-conservative, knuckle dragging caveman, over-the-top, bug, dirty, maggot, fear mongerer, right wing ring-leader, hyperactive, headline-hunting, crude, purist, prude, dirty- trickster, religious freak, anti-gay, opportunist, bigot, monster, bizarre, Nazi, zealot, nut job, notorious, flamboyant protester, propagandist, obscure, inflammatory, browbeating, intimidator, toxic, poison, fringe and wacko. All these threats just make me work harder with greater humility. A miracle by itself. I stand and fight for our values. But liberals curse me in public and on prime time TV News shows in front of millions of viewers. Will you support my fight with a quick donation today?
Eugene says you people have been meaner to him than you even were to "sainted conservative hero" Jesse Helms!

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