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Tweet Of The Day - Dan Choi

Dan Choi doesn't think it's any big deal if he attends CPAC with GOProud. Maybe it isn't, nobody really knows what's afoot there yet. Choi adds that he's attending the Task Force's annual Creating Change conference this week, despite their having denounced him for telling the Village Voice in November: "Harry Reid is a pussy and he'll be bleeding once a month." That resulted in a joint condemnation from the NGLTF, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, and two gay service members groups. One month later Choi was happily shaking Reid's hand as he got his West Point ring back after the repeal of DADT.

UPDATE: You need not be a Twitter member to follow the responses to Choi's question.

UPDATE II: Things are getting awfully cozy at GOProud's happy hour.

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