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Ugandan Police: David Kato Forced The Killer To Commit Sodomy

Aaaand here we have it. As predicted, the Ugandan police, who have a track record of beating and killing gay people, are now claiming that David Kato's killer was forced to murder him. Because Kato was a dirty homosexual who wanted sex. Or so an "anonymous police source" is claiming to the press. From the Uganda Monitor:
A man whom police arrested yesterday on allegations of killing David Kato, a human rights activist, has reportedly told police that the deceased coerced him into sodomy. David Kato, 46, an advocacy officer for the gay rights group, Sexual Minorities Uganda, was found with head wounds at his home in Bukusa, Mukono District but died on his way to hospital last Wednesday.

Police spokesperson Judith Nabakooba said the suspect had been hiding in Nakabago village, Mukono District. “It is true the suspect has been arrested but we need to record his statement first before giving a formal statement,” Ms Nabakooba said yesterday. But a police source, who preferred anonymity because he is not authorised to talk to the press, said the suspect confessed to killing Kato because he was reportedly tired of engaging in homosexual practices.

“We have taken him to Mukono Magistrate’s Court to record an extrajudicial statement,” the source said. “He told us that he killed Kato after he failed to give him a car, a house and money he promised as rewards for having sex with him,” the source said.
Surely you can understand the predicament the Ugandan government finds themselves in. They couldn't ignore or even sanction the murder of a gay man, as they normally would, due to the international publicly surrounding the case. But they also couldn't allow the murder to be construed as politically motivated, lest the resultant outrage dry up those annual millions in foreign aid.

And don't overlook that this so-called "motive" precisely fits the long-running Christianist claim that evil local gays are using using Western-supplied money to recruit Uganda's helpless youth into homosexuality, a charge repeated in the very issue of the newspaper that called for Kato's murder.

We will never get the truth, you can bet on that.

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