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Wingnuts Turn On Ann Coulter

After her CPAC declaration that "gays are natural conservatives" and should be actively recruited by the GOP, Ann Coulter has been the subject of blistering attacks across the right-o-sphere. Here's just a sampling of the reactions on Free Republic:
-"Big tent fag hag and muslim bodily fluids swapper."
-"I have no tolerance for homo-tolerants. Boo & shame on you Ann. You are a Catholic."
-"There are still fools and idiots who think this woman is a conservative. I bet within a year she will become a Democrat. Maybe then, she will grab a brain, a hamburger, and Obama’s Birth Certificate."
-"I guess it’s OK to destroy the traditional family as long as you call yourself a conservative republican.
-"Fame is a terrible drug, Ann. Shame. You were once brilliant."

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