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Chuck Colson Attacks Lady Gaga

"Do people choose to be gay, or are they born that way? Here’s a tip: Don’t turn to Lady Gaga for an answer. For the Christian, thinking in terms of dichotomies such as 'nature versus nurture' and 'genetics versus free will' is the real problem. For us, it’s not either-or. Who we are cannot be reduced to any one thing. For instance, Christianity teaches that biology and the rest of creation has a great deal to teach us about how we should live. This is part of what we mean by “natural law.” An obvious example is the biological facts that lie behind the teaching that marriage should be between a man and a woman.

"But saying that biology is somehow normative is not the same thing as saying that is determinative. We are free to choose how we behave, both for good and for ill. We are not 'slaves to our biology' unless we choose to make ourselves so by believing it to be the case. To say we are is beneath our dignity as humans made in the image of God, not to mention a denial of the power of God to transform us." - Convicted felon and Manhattan Declaration author Chuck Colson, joining the Christianist attacks on Lady Gaga for saying we were "born this way."

RELATED: The fastest-selling single in iTunes history, Born This Way has already sold millions of copies worldwide and has gone to #1 in more than 30 countries. Whether you're a Gaga fan or not, you cannot deny the unprecedented impact of hundreds of millions of people singing out loud, that yes, we were born this way. Lady Gaga is pushing the movement forward in ways few could have possibly fathomed.

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