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DELAWARE: Civil Unions Bill Advances

Yesterday Delaware's proposed civil unions bill advanced out of a state Senate committee after a boisterous debate featuring the usual anti-gay bigots.
The Rev. Rick Hensley, pastor of Grace and Truth Community Church in Felton said he was raised by a single mother who lived a "homosexual lifestyle." But she left that lifestyle, he said, and so did her partner. That proves such orientations are a choice, not innate, he said. "They are wonderful people, and I don't have anything bad to say about them," Hensley said. "I love them. But the lie we are talking about is that this is something innate, unchangeable. ... Freedom to pursue sexual orientation does not necessitate fundamentally redefining marriage in our society." "If you do that, you run a perilous path. And this is a step toward same-sex marriage. We all in this room know that," Hensley said. The Rev. Dale Mast, pastor of Destiny Christian Church of Dover, said he had a dear friend who was gay, whom he counseled and stood beside, who got AIDS and "went on a sexual rampage out of his anger." Mast said he fears what would come next if Delaware adopted civil unions -- heterosexual unions with 14-year-old girls? He said pastors in Southeast Asia have told him of grandfathers taking their granddaughters to hotel rooms."I encourage you not to pass this," he said. "What else will come?"
One former Delaware state Senator said he'd been personally sent to testify against the bill by Jesus Christ, who is apparently worried about having to send all of Delaware to hell.

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