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Family Research Council Turns Exodus App Flap Into Fundraising Opportunity

The Family Research Council is seizing upon the media furor about Exodus International's iPhone app in order to launch a new fundraising campaign. Because Christians are being silenced. Again! From today's FRC email blast:
A story in the news this week proves once again what we've been saying for years. Liberals want to silence pro-family conservatives like you and me. In a stunning decision, Apple withered under pressure from homosexual activists and censored an application that offers help to people struggling with homosexuality. The app for ex-gays was created by Exodus International--and before this week, it had a 4+ rating from the iTunes store. Exodus is another victim of the growing campaign to silence Christianity in America. As a reader of my emails, you know that the Southern Poverty Law Center falsely labeled FRC a "hate group" for standing for biblical norms regarding sexuality. Liberal activists use this label and demand that media outlets censor FRC staff and research.

We are honored to serve on these frontlines, but we need your help. Please help us stand for marriage and healthy human sexuality with your gift today.

Apple's censorship has nothing to do with "tolerance." This is about silencing anything and anyone who challenges homosexuality. Americans need to wake up and realize that religious liberty is heading in the same direction as Exodus's app-extinction! In this environment, it doesn't matter what the facts are. If they contradict the homosexual agenda, the Left will do everything it can to muzzle them. The radical Left demands that we hand over control of our nation, our families, our children, and our freedoms to them. They demand big government intervention in every area of life. They rewrite history to hide our Christian heritage. To all of this, Family Research Council says, "No Surrender!"
Those homofacists are also trying to close down Chick-Fil-A! Send more money! Right now!

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