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Gov. Cuomo: Close NYC's Nuclear Plant

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo has long been an opponent of Indian Point, the aging nuclear power plant just 20 minutes north of New York City. Yesterday he called for the plant's permanent closure in light of the disaster in Japan.
"The suggestion is that of all the [104] power plants across the country, that the Indian Point power plant is most susceptible to an earthquake because Reactor No. 3 is on a fault [line]," Cuomo said as nuclear meltdown fears deepened in Japan. "It should be closed. This plant in this proximity to the city was never a good risk." Cuomo, who has long opposed the plant, spoke after new data from the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission show the Hudson River plant was the most vulnerable to a quake. It also came about two weeks after a judge let the Indian Point nuke plant - just 24 miles north of the Bronx - cut back on meltdown prevention. In its 40-year history, Indian Point has suffered radiation leaks, useless warning sirens, transformer explosions and oil spills.
Twenty million people live within 50 miles of Indian Point. Its license to operate expires in 2013.

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