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HomoQuotable - Chris Barron

"A group of gay lefty organizations who CLAIM they exist to work on behalf of gay people actually put out a press release on Friday attacking Rep. Peter King’s hearings on Islamic radicalization. Nevermind that radical Islam teaches that the penalty for being gay is DEATH. Honestly, the Onion couldn’t have written this release. Signing on to this attack on the King hearings, a de facto defense of radical Islam, included the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Equality California (who might as well just become the Communist Party of CA) and Lambda Legal. I guess all the work of fighting FOR gay people is done so these lefties can now spend time defending the barbarism of radicalized Islam." - GOProud head Chris Barron, writing on his personal blog.

From the above-referenced press release:
LGBT Americans are no stranger to this type of scapegoating. In the 1950s, Joe McCarthy targeted LGBT people, and sought to portray them as dangerous and un-American. In a report titled "Employment of Homosexuals and Other Sex Perverts in the U.S. Government," a group of United States Senators concluded that "homosexuals and other sex perverts are not proper persons to be employed in Government" because "they are generally unsuitable, and they constitute security risks." Those hearings—like the "Muslim Radicalization" hearings—heard testimony from supposed experts that reinforced these prejudices. In the years that followed, thousands of LGBT civil service employees were harassed, terrorized, or fired from their jobs. [snip]

Added Lambda Legal Executive Director Kevin Cathcart: "Every American, regardless of ethnicity, religious belief or sexual orientation, should be asking 'where does this lead?' We've all been down this road before, most notably during World War Two and the Cold War, with tragic consequences for tens of thousands of American citizens. Singling any group out as a whole because of a suspected lack of loyalty on the part of a few of its members is wrong; doing it when the internment of Japanese-Americans and the spectacle of the McCarthy witch trials are still within living memory is simply repugnant."

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