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In Which I Sort Of Agree With NOM

Today NOM's blog links to a story on the anti-gay Life Site News, which complains that YouTube has yanked the video of last week's Brown University demonstration by the red-caped loons of the Society for Defense of Tradition.
Days after the videotaped incident was posted on YouTube, the video sharing website pulled down the footage, leaving a message stating: “This video has been removed because its content violated YouTube’s Terms of Service.” TFP’s John Ritchie told that they were not aware of which Youtube rules the video supposedly broke. “It seems YouTube broke their own guidelines when removing it, because the policy states that the video poster will be notified of any problem, and be given 48 hours to either remove the video or correct the problem,” Ritchie said. YouTube has become notorious among conservative circles for removing several videos that portray abortion or Planned Parenthood in a negative light. The organization, which is owned by Google Inc., has consistently declined to provide explanations for why such videos were removed.
While it is undeniably satisfying to click "offensive" on anti-gay videos, what we're also potentially doing is removing the evidence, the historical record, of these campaigns against us. Aside from the clips that include outright calls for violence against gay people, I say we allow such asshattery to remain online. I fully expect that many of you will strongly disagree.

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