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MARYLAND: Trans Rights Bill Advances

This morning a Maryland House committee voted 15-8 to advance its Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Act to the full chamber. Equality Maryland reports via press release:
House Bill 235 would add gender identity to the state's anti-discrimination laws in the area of employment, housing, and credit. The subcommittee approved a few non-substantive amendments which the lead sponsor, Equality Maryland, and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force all found them to be relatively inconsequential. They committee also modified the definition of gender identity within the bill. This definition will provide protection both for a person's gender identity, as well as the way in which they express their gender in terms of presentation. Equality Maryland worked with the subcommittee and committee to ensure that both areas would be covered under the bill's definition.
The bill is strongly opposed by the usual bigots. Maryland residents, please contact your House Delegate and request their support.

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