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MONTANA: Anti-Gay Rights Bill Fails

Tea Party-backed GOP Rep. Kristen Hansen's attempt to overturn all LGBT rights laws in Montana has been sent back to committee in the state Senate, probably never to be heard from again.
The Senate Local Government Committee passed House Bill 516 last week. But the bill was returned to the committee Tuesday and chairman Sen. Jon Sonju says it is doubtful the measure will go to the Senate floor. Sonju says he moved the measure back to committee because it doesn't have the support of Senate leaders. The proposal, carried by Republican Rep. Kristin Hansen, drew lengthy testimony during its hearings in the House and Senate. Supporters said the bill would overturn an unconstitutional ordinance that infringes on the state's authority.
Missoula, the only Montana town with LGBT protections and the primary target of Hansen's bill, is safe for now.

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