Main | Sunday, March 27, 2011

National Joe Day

My buddy Mark has tipped me that today is National Joe Day, the day to "shrug off" that first name you never cared for and be somebody else for one day.
Wake up on March 27 and introduce yourself to everyone as Joe. If you are a girl, Joe is short for your old name. If you are a boy, Joe is short for your old name as well. You are a new person. You are no longer strapped down to that name you have been carrying around all these years. Throw off the old name and become Joe for a day. Make a journal entry talking about your feelings about your own name. People always attach meaning to certain names and when you don't fit those meanings, it leaves you wanting something else. Here is your day to express who you think you are. Record it in a journal.
If your name is already Joe, I guess you don't get to play.


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