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Perkins: We Can't Afford Gay Marriage

"Fortunately, Republican leaders understand that there are plenty of reasons to stick up for DOMA. Defending marriage is not only in the nation's cultural interest--it's in our economic interest. A few years ago, Georgia State University put together a cost analysis of marital breakdown. By their calculations, America spends $112 billion a year just from divorce and out-of-wedlock births. That's more than $1 trillion each decade! In other words, it would cost the country a lot more not to defend marriage than it would to invest in it now.

"What's more, if DOMA falls, the U.S. budget will become a free-for-all for domestic partner benefits and other perks that the law currently prevents. According to experts, the price tag--just for same-sex partner benefits--is roughly $670 million over the next ten years. Add that to the cost of family breakdown, and suddenly the legal fees don't seem that much. Liberals America can't afford to defend marriage--but in reality, we can't afford not to!" - Family Research Council spokesbigot Tony Perkins, in a press release mocking the "stinginess" of Democrats who don't want to pay for defending DOMA.

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