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PhoboQuotable - Robert Knight

"It's a good thing Barack Obama is not in charge of defending the law of gravity, or we'd all be floating up to an airless death. Allow me to take off the gloves. As one who helped draft the first version of the Defense of Marriage Act, I regard Obama's order on Feb. 23 to Attorney General Eric Holder to abandon DOMA's legal defense as lawless, reckless, arrogant and a violation of his oath of office. I think it is an impeachable offense. [snip]

"Obama often misquotes Scripture, which gives some folks the impression that he's a devout Christian. Maybe he is. But do devout Christians carry water for the culture of Sodom or support partial-birth abortion? This is the man who wants a government monopoly over your most intimate medical decisions and those of your family. By declaring his intention to allow radical judges to find a 'right' to homosexual 'marriage' in the U.S. Constitution, Barack Obama is pouring gasoline on a bonfire that is destroying the legal protections of marriage -- and civilization itself." - Robert Knight, senior fellow with the Christianist American Civil Rights Union, writing for the Washington Times.

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