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SAINT MAARTEN: Pastors Demand Special "Code Of Conduct" For Gay Tourists

A group of pastors on the tiny Caribbean island of Saint Maarten say that the corrupting influence of homosexual tourists must be curtailed. Therefore they want their local Parliament to impose a new "code of conduct" to prevent gay cruise ship visitors from committing public displays of affection. The pastors met yesterday with Parliament's Committee For Tourism to present their demands.
Pastor Wycliffe Smith, who headed the delegation, said the group was guided by the word of God and had not been politically motivated or manipulated by anyone to champion these issues. He said the churches were following the rule of God by loving the sinner, but hating the sin. "We are not saying it is right to do it hidden or in the closet," he said. Smith said homosexuals were coming to the island every day via the airport and the harbour and there also were many who live here. His contention is that these people should not impose their way of life and should curb public displays of affection. "As a Christian nation, we love you [homosexuals], but we don't love your lifestyle," he said. [snip] Pastor Leyland Sam said the concern was that the gay cruise would be an "avalanche" of gay people on the island. If St. Maarten doesn't stop this inflow, he added, probably 15 years down the line the island will have to expand its prisons and hospitals because of the gay people.
One member of Parliament noted the pastors' concerns, but said that any changes to local law would have to be in line with human rights treaties the island presently has with the Netherlands.

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