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Scott Lively Takes Hate Show To Moldova

Not satisfied with helping inflame murderous hatred in Uganda, arch homophobe and pedophile-enabler Scott Lively has taken his hate show to the eastern European nation of Moldova. Because Moldova is considering a gay rights law and Lively has to stop it.
When the Moldovan government submitted a draft antidiscrimination law to parliament last month, conservative Orthodox Christian forces in the country treated it as a call to battle. And that call was heeded by U.S. pastor and lawyer Scott Lively, who traveled to Chisinau to warn the country against adopting any measure that would bar discrimination against homosexuals. "I've been dealing with these laws all over the world and I recognize -- as I said there in the lectures I gave and the media interviews that I gave -- an antidiscrimination law based on sexual orientation is the seed that contains the entire tree of the homosexual political agenda with all of its poisonous fruit," Lively tells RFE/RL, "and that, if you allow an antidiscrimination policy to go into effect, it essentially puts the power of the law and the government into the hands of gay activists and makes people who disapprove of homosexuality criminals."
Since Lively's visit, a local Moldovan Christianist group has created a "black list" of public officials who support the pending anti-discrimination bill. Their name can only be removed from the list if they issue a public written statement denouncing LGBT rights. Lively also convinced the opposition Communist Party to oppose the bill. Lively: "People who define themselves by voluntary sodomy -- a voluntary lifestyle based on sodomy -- now have the power to suppress and oppress people who are simply attempting to exercise their religious freedom and long-established traditions as regards family and human sexuality."

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