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Tony Perkins: Gay Rights Cost Christians Their Freedom To Be Bigots

"In perhaps the greatest irony, this couple was trying to give children what homosexuals cannot--a loving mother and father. But Europe is so enslaved to 'tolerance' that it's willing to leave children homeless to make a point. Meanwhile, believers across the U.K. are stunned. 'Christianity isn't dying,' wrote one. 'It's being eradicated.' And if Americans think the same thing can't happen here, they're mistaken. Every special 'right' or concession we make to the homosexual community, Christians pay for in freedom. That's a major reason why Catholic Charities had to end its adoption program in Massachusetts and Washington, D.C. They never wanted to be in the position of choosing between their faith and their freedom." - Family Research Council spokesbigot Tony Perkins, who says that last week's British court ruling against anti-gay foster parents is a harbinger of what's to come for America.

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