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World Net Daily: Christians Need To Support Anti-Gay Corporations

In today's top-of-site story, World Net Daily takes a break from its usual "Obama is a Marxist Kenyan" routine to trumpet the virtues of companies that scored poorly on the Human Rights Campaign's Buying Guide for Corporate Equality.
When it comes to automotive service in America, Pep Boys may be among the best-known brands, but the company is doing absolutely nothing to promote the homosexual agenda. Besides Pep Boys in the automotive category, other apparent non-supporters for homosexual-related issues include Harley-Davidson, Goodyear, Cooper Tire, Advance Auto Parts and Autozone. That's the conclusion of the Human Rights Campaign which has produced its 2011 "Buying Guide for Workplace Equality." The report lists hundreds of U.S. companies according to their support and non-support for "gay," lesbian, bisexual and transgender causes. The scale is from zero to 100, with those closest to zero being firms that are not supportive of homosexual policies, and those nearest 100 being very "gay"-friendly.
WND going on to reproduce screencaps from the report in numerous categories in order to encourage Christians to support anti-gay corporations.

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