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Bryan Fischer: "Ex-Gay" Fugitive Lisa Miller Is The Rosa Parks Of Kidnappers

"Tennessee pastor Timothy Miller is now in jail. His crime? Allegedly helping a mother protect her daughter from the pernicious influence of sexual deviancy ('deviancy: actions or behaviours that violate cultural norms'). [snip] Rosa Parks gained civil rights immortality because she refused an order to obey an unjust law. If there was ever a contemporary case in which civil disobedience is justified, the Lisa Miller case is it. May God have mercy on Lisa Miller, her daughter Isabella, and Pastor Timothy Miller. And may God, the Judge of the living and the dead, bring the guilty before his bar of pure and uncompromising justice." - American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer, writing on his AFA blog.

RELATED: Fischer posts this disclaimer at the top of the above-linked column: "It should be noted that the American Family Association has taken no formal position on either Lisa Miller’s actions or the actions of Pastor Timothy Miller."

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