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GOProud Vs. "Union Scum"

Yesterday GOProud members Matt Hissey and Brendan Kissam crashed a pro-union rally at Philadelphia's Temple University where their "Union Scum" sign was destroyed by union supporters. Hissey writes on his blog:
Two brave college students, who only wanted to bring a different point of view to a protest, were eviscerated, and nearly attacked. This was my first direct confrontation with union protesters, and I have never been so scared for my safety. They proved to me that they are not only un-educated on issues, but they are un-democratic. A democracy cannot function without dialogue and difference of opinion. The union thugs proved to me that they do not care about dissenting opinion. It is there way or the high way. No wonder they have such extravagant pensions and healthcare plans. When they do not get what they want, they take to the streets like wild animals and stifle any opposite whatsoever. Unions, simply put, are anti-American. They are like a virus, taking, taking, taking, growing stronger, and destroying everything they come into contact with.

RELATED: You may recall Matt Hissey for his declaration that he really doesn't like gay people, who "need to be more normal and straight-acting."

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