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Joint Chiefs: No Problems With Repeal

Today the Joint Chiefs of Staff testified before the House Armed Services Committee to report that they foresee no problems with the implementation of the repeal of DADT.
"We've not seen issues," said Gen. James Amos, commandant of the Marine Corps. "There's not been anxiety over it from the forces in the field." Amos had been one of the strongest opponents of repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell, the 17-year ban on gays in the military. Last year, he said his men would be distracted - possibly fatally - by allowing gays to serve. But testifying alongside the chiefs of the Navy, Army and Air Force on Thursday, he told the House Armed Services Committee that training of the rank and file was going smoothly. "There hasn't been pushback," Amos said. Army Gen. Norton Schwartz said he was "more comfortable than I was" last year about the new policy.
The compulsive liars at the anti-gay Moonie Times report today's hearing differently, citing the "skeptical" words of one congressman in their headline.

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