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Liberty Counsel Denies Involvement In Lisa Miller "Ex-Gay" Parental Kidnapping

Even though their most famous client magically turned up at a Nicaragua house owned by the father of Mat Staver's secretary, the Liberty Counsel chairman is denying being involved in the disappearance of "ex-lesbian" Lisa Miller, who fled the country in 2009 rather than comply with a court order to share child custody with her former partner.
"It's absurd to try to suggest Liberty Counsel had anything to do with the whereabouts or the disappearance of Lisa Miller," Mathew Staver, Dean of Liberty University's School of Law and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. Staver served as Miller's attorney through 2009. [snip] "She simply stopped communicating by phone, by e-mail, by letter," said Staver. "We have no idea where she went." Staver says Miller's actions forced Liberty Counsel to drop her case. [snip] But some believe Liberty had another motive and took part in hiding Miller - a claim Staver says is 100-percent false. "None of us would be stupid enough to place our careers and our futures and our law licenses on the table to try to help someone violate the law," said Staver.
Is anybody buying this? I'm betting the FBI isn't.

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