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NOM Issues Alert On NY Marriage

Today NOM issues an alert that New York legislators will be voting on same-sex marriage upon their return from a two week break.
That gives us two weeks to contact legislators in defense of marriage! Please join us today by sending an email to your state senator and assemblyman. Two years ago, your phone calls and emails helped block same–sex marriage in New York, as even the New York Times acknowledged that key legislators voting against the same–sex marriage bill did so because of “overwhelming opposition to same–sex marriage among their constituents.” The same thing happened in New Jersey, and earlier this year, in Maryland and Rhode Island. The message is clear. When the people stand up, same–sex marriage advocates have to back down. Despite carefully crafted PR campaigns, gay marriage advocates simply cannot muster the votes when legislators start hearing from their constituents.
No formal announcement of a pending vote has yet been made by legislators or Gov. Cuomo. Same-sex marriage would pass easily and for the fourth time in the state Assembly. The state Senate is another story.

RELATED: NOM's former Facebook page, which had 290,000 followers, was wiped out last week by defector Louis Marinelli.

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