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Pastor Terry Jones: I'm Thinking About Hanging Mohammed In Effigy

Unswayed by the dozens of people killed in reaction to his burning of the Koran, Pastor Terry Jones now says he's thinking about putting the prophet Mohammed "on trial" with an effigy hanging to follow.
"As far as judging Muhammad, it would take place in the same way. We would try to obtain experts on both sides of the bench, and if Muhammad was found innocent … then we would issue a public apology to Islam, to the Quran, to the followers of Muhammad for our actions at insulting [them]. If he was found guilty, then we would do in the same manner as the Quran burning. We would offer probably four or five different forms of punishment, and then the form of punishment that the people voted upon, that would be the punishment that would be executed." Klein asked what kind of "punishment" Jones had in mind. "Probably they would be forms similar to International Judge the Quran Day," Jones said. "On that day we had four forms of punishment – they were burning, grounding, shredding and facing of a firing squad. We would probably pick some of those kinds of forms, and if Muhammad was found guilty … we would put together some type of picture or some type of dummy figure to represent him, and then the execution would be done on that particular object we created."
Jones is also planning to stage an anti-Islam demonstration in Dearborn, Michigan, home to the nation's largest Muslim community.

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