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Quote Of The Day - Bryan Fischer

"A self-identified lesbian by the name of Keori confessed to [Pam's House Blend] readers on Friday that she is now in love with a male Marine. This relationship came right on the heels of a three-year love affair with another woman. She sheepishly admits that 'I didn't intend to love this Marine,' and then ruefully acknowledges that 'bisexuality happens, ok?' which is just another way of saying that even she has been forced to admit that sexual orientation is fluid and is hardly a fixed, immovable thing. She is living proof. So apparently without even realizing what she was doing, she has just dropped a grenade on the foundational plank of the gay activist worldview, that sexual orientation does not change, cannot change, and that those who think that change is possible - like most of us in the pro-family community - are just homophobic bigots." - American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer.

Read Keori's post on Pam's House Blend.

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