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Quote Of The Day - Peter Sprigg

"In any discussion of 'sexual orientation,' it is important to remember that this is only an umbrella term for three quite different things—a person’s sexual attractions, the sexual behavior, and their self-identification. In the survey upon which this study was based, there was only a single question on 'sexual orientation,' which asked 'which of the following best describes you.' The choices were 'heterosexual (straight), gay or lesbian, bisexual' or 'not sure.'

"This is essentially a measure of self-identification. Therefore, the logical take-away from the study would be this: the most effective way of reducing teen suicide attempts is not to create a 'positive social environment' for the affirmation of homosexuality. Instead, it would be to discourage teens from self-identifying as gay, lesbian, or bisexual." - Family Research Council bigot Peter Sprigg, in an FRC article denouncing last week's Pediatrics study on teen suicide.

According to Sprigg, gay kids wouldn't kill themselves so much if adults would just do a better job of browbeating them out of accepting their sexuality. Seriously.

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