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AUSTRALIA: Christianist Hate Group Crashes Rally Against Homophobia

A peaceful rally against homophobia was ruined in Adelaide, Australia yesterday when a Christianist hate group unexpected showed up to shout anti-gay epithets and generally disrupt the event.
About 200 people gathered outside parliament today to rally in support of International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia when members of the Adelaide Street Church showed up. Rally organiser Jason Virgo said one woman was pushed out of her wheelchair and police had to be called. "A small number of right-wing Christians came out and started waving their flags and getting in people's faces, yelling quite loudly, some of them got in a bit of a fight," Mr Virgo said. "(They had) signs saying 'God hates sinners' ... no sign should say 'God hates'. "It's an International Day Against Homophobia and for them to come to us and come to our rally and say things which we find homophobic, it's disrespectful. "We would never go to their church and disrupt things the way they did today."

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