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BRITAIN: Fake Gay Election Leaflets Sent To Muslim Neighborhood

Voters in a Muslim neighborhood in Leicester, England have been sent election leaflets claiming to be from the Liberal Democrats in which the party pledges that it will "force schools to teach that homosexuality is normal." A spokesman for the Liberal Democrats says the leaflets are not from them.
The spokesman added: “Some of this leaflet is completely true and we are very proud of our record in championing gay rights. However, this a fake leaflet maliciously designed to incite hatred. It is disgusting attempt to provoke hate during the last days of a political campaign. It has no place in politics and it has no place in society.”
Earlier this year flyers appeared in London declaring that it was a "gay-free zone" and that people should "fear Allah." Those responsible for the flyers have not yet been identified, although one arrest was made last month. Some gay activists suspect that the fake Liberal Democrats leaflets are a similar attempt by Britain's neo-Nazis to sow discord between the Muslim and gay communities.

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