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Christwire On The Bear Movement

Apparently it all started with Gilligan and the Skipper.
Gilligan, also know as the Skipper’s “Little Buddy,” would be classified as a “Cub” in gay vernacular. A cub is slight of frame and a bit dimwitted. He is submissive to his master, both intellectually and physically. In practice, he is the feminine homemaker and recipient of sodomy during erotic intercourse. Gilligan’s lithe, hairless body fits perfectly against the Skipper’s hairy barrel chest. His goofy antics give his master ample opportunity to take control, to keep this boy’s juvenile nature in check with harsh commands and brute force.

Clearly, Gilligan played his role as “First Mate” to Skipper to a T. It is not surprising, then, to see that each episode of Gilligan’s Island concluded with these two men retiring to the hushed privacy of their conjugal hut, far from the eyes of normal society, fumbling against each other with curious intent as the studio lights fade, suggesting the darkest exile of human indecency where any sort of sweaty violation might follow. Yet the show always quickly cut away from this sensual wonderland with a saccharine soundtrack in a simplistic attempt to reassure its heterosexual viewers that nothing untoward was intended.
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