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Email Of The Day - Eugene Delguadio

"Dear Joe, With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I am constantly reminded how grateful I am that Sheila agreed to marry me. You probably know this, but it deserves repeating. Sheila deserves most of the credit for my success in stopping the radical homosexuals. Sheila and I thought we knew what we were getting into and we both expected a life of sacrifice. But neither of us expected it to turn out to be a life of danger.

"You see, instead of standing up and fighting me the way real men would, the radical homosexuals and their allies have acted like terrorists attacking my family. I’ve probably told you before about the men in black vans taking pictures of my children and stalking my wife. There’s also a homosexual lobbyist on Capitol Hill that asks by name 'how is your son doing?' He never asked about my daughters. And then there’s the death threats on my answering machines both at work and at home. And every year the radical homosexuals grow stronger." - Sterling County, Virginia Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, asking his followers to send Mother's Day cards to his wife.

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