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Minnesota Paper Comes Out For Marriage

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune has published a strongly-worded editorial denouncing the campaign to place a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage to a public vote.
Opponents of marriage equity say a constitutional amendment is a necessary backstop that would prevent the courts from overturning existing law. In reality, enshrining this form of bigotry in the state's premier governing document would be a step backward. Rather than reinforce an already discriminatory law, core values of equity and fairness should compel Minnesotans to repeal DOMA and extend marriage equity to all. We understand that emotions on this issue run deep. The debate hits numerous religious and moral hot buttons, for secular and sacred reasons. Concurrent with their beliefs, religious organizations may indeed decide who they will marry with their blessings. However, government is not and should not be a church, synagogue or mosque. Marriage under the law is a next-of-kin, legal arrangement that includes important property, benefits, child custody and health care rights. Those legal rights should be available to all couples.
Read the full editorial.

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