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NEW YORK: Anti-Gay Group Launches "Mayday For Marriage" Statewide Tour

Having learned nothing from NOM's disastrous bus tour last summer, the anti-gay Christianists at the Family Research Foundation have announced a "Mayday For Marriage" RV tour around New York state.
By the time you read this, our ministry team will be on the road taking the debate over same-sex marriage to legislative districts across the Empire State. We’ve packed our bags, loaded up an RV wrapped in marriage messaging and will be stopping at various press conferences, marriage rallies and visits with legislators from Buffalo to Binghamton, Syracuse to Staten Island, and Lackawanna to Long Island. May 22nd will be “Mayday for Marriage” Sunday. NYFRF is encouraging the 5,000 churches on our mailing list to focus on marriage during worship services on this particular day. We are asking pastors to publicly pray for marriage in New York State, preach on the biblical definition of marriage, encourage congregants to contact their elected officials on this issue, and finally to take up a special love offering to help underwrite NYFRF’s marriage defense initiative.
Counter-protesters can find the Mayday bus by following their Facebook page.

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