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NEW YORK: Sen. Ruben Diaz Launches Boycott Of Gay-Friendly Spanish Paper

Last week New York's most widely-read Spanish-language newspaper, El Diario, published an editorial supporting marriage equality and obliquely criticizing state Sen. Ruben Diaz for his upcoming anti-gay rally. Yesterday Diaz announced that he will be spearheading a boycott of the paper because of their supposedly anti-Christian positions.
The Newspaper, El Diario La Prensa, calls itself “The Champion of the Hispanics.” But you will never read or find a reporter from El Diario La Prensa covering one of the hundreds of events that we Evangelical Christians celebrate throughout the year. They never cover or report news about the Grand Evangelical Children’s Parade that is held every year. They never cover a celebration of Bishops Day or The Day of the Superintendents. They never cover a single Pastors Day of the many that occur throughout the year. They never send a reporter to cover any of the great campaigns of evangelists such as Yiye Avila, Jorge Raschke or many other great evangelists. And they never cover the New York Hispanic Clergy Organization’s Annual Banquet which is held to honor our pastors and leaders. All our activities are geared to help prevent crime in our communities, for example, taking drug addicts, prostitution and criminals off the street, but El Diario La Prensa does not care. But when it comes to an event regarding homosexuals or an event in favor of abortion, even if there are four people attending, El Diario La Prensa highlights these events on its front pages.
According to Diaz, every fifty cents spent to purchase a copy of El Diario is money spent to support abortion and gay marriage.

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