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NY Sen. Mark Grisanti: No On Marriage

New York GOP state Sen. Mark Grisanti now says that he will definitely vote against same-sex marriage. Grisanti was considered one of the "moveable" Republicans in the state Senate. Capitol Tonight reports:
Grisanti represents one of the most Democrat-dominated districts in the state. He ousted a “yes” voter on marriage, former Democratic Sen. Antoine Thompson, in last year’s elections. Grisanti’s on-the-fence status drew him the attention of Lady Gaga, a major gay rights advocate, during a her concert in Buffalo back in March. But apparently, even the pressure of her Little Monsters hasn’t been enough to sway the senator.
VIDEO: Grisanti says that he only objects to the word "marriage" and that gays do deserve all the rights that come with it.

(Tipped by JMG reader Rob)

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