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Wingnuts Launch Legal Defense Fund For Man Arrested In Lisa Miller Case

Right Wing Watch reports that a legal defense fund has already raised $30,000 for Timo Miller, the man arrested by the FBI last month for helping "ex-gay" Lisa Miller illegally take her daughter out of the country rather than comply with court-ordered custody sharing with her former partner. From the defense fund website:
Since God has not intended for two men or two women to raise children as a family unit, they can’t produce children on their own. This creates a problem in their agenda to create the perception that homosexual behavior is normal. Thus they resort to adopting children or using artificial insemination from a male donor in the case of a lesbian relationship. Can you imagine being a child growing up in the middle of such an environment?

It is a tragedy that laws and courts in our nation can be manipulated to allow an innocent and defenseless child to become a pawn of the agenda of those who desire to “normalize” homosexuality. Truly sin has devastating consequences. A mother goose will fight to the death to protect her young. So will a robin or a mama bear. God has put instincts into a mother to protect their young. Lisa did what any good mother would do. She “died” while attempting to protect her young child from what she perceived as very imminent danger. Rather than risk what she felt was certain harm to her daughter, she took her child, and fled to Nicaragua.
Last month we also learned that Miller and her daughter are living in a house owned by the father of Liberty Counsel head Mat Staver's secretary. Which is totally a coincidence, right?

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