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Time Running Out For NY Marriage

Gay City News reports:
With six days to go in the State Senate legislative calendar before the June 20 scheduled adjournment, leading New York marriage advocates and their ace-in-the-hole Albany ally, Andrew Cuomo, are pushing forward with what everyone involved insists is an unprecedentedly unified front –– one they say has held firm since the earliest days of the new governor’s administration. That is all for the good, since the gay and lesbian community is going to need every bit of unity, determination, savvy, and perhaps a measure of luck if the job is to get done.

With 32 votes needed for passage in the Senate, where Republicans hold a narrow 32-30 majority, the tally of public supporters of the bill stands at 26. A source with direct knowledge of the effort being waged from Cuomo’s office said the feeling there is that “the path to success” involves everybody “staying organized and focused, and not going off on tangents.” That individual hastened to add there is “a full-court press coming out of the highest levels on the second floor,” the location of the governor’s executive offices in the State Capitol.

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