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BROOKLYN: Catholic School Rejects Gift From Gay-Friendly Politician

New York state Assemblyman Joe Lentol voted in favor of same-sex marriage. Which means a Brooklyn Catholic school has to send back his $50 donation.
Officials at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church in Williamsburg sent back a $50 gift from Assemblyman Joe Lentol (D-Brooklyn) - following Brooklyn Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio's edict to refuse any honors from pols who backed same-sex marriage. DiMarzio also told pastors and principals not to invite any state lawmakers to speak - whether or not they voted for the bill - because the diocese objects to the bill's dead-of-night approval. Lentol said he's been giving small donations around graduation time at the church's Queen of the Rosary Academy for the last 20 years - and was "disappointed" to have it sent back last week. "This was a civil issue involving equality for all people," Lentol said.
A diocese spokesman endorsed sending the money back, saying it was "preposterous" for his school to give pro-gay people a platform.

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