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Gays Are The Children Of Satan

"In the case of being gay, or even worse, being born gay, that lie is directly opposite of God's word. Unlike the lie that alcoholism is a disease, this lie of Satan may endure until the second coming because it is part of what precipitates the final judgment over a lawless and reprobate world. In the absence of the magic alcoholic's gene that no one ever found, and the need to curb spending alcoholics were bounced off social security disability benefits all at once years ago. Gays are not drawing benefits for being gay but are yet clamoring for same sex civil unions and gay marriage benefits for their so called spouses. The most damning aspect of Satan's lies about being born gay is that it reveals who the source of the lie is, and at the same time identifies the believers of the lies, as his very own children." - Michael Bresciani of the hate group Renew America.

NOTE: According to Bresciani, gay marriage in New York will hasten the arrival of the anti-Christ! Hurray! Welcome Masssssterrr....

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