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Quote Of The Day - Michael Reagan

"It will prove instructive to see how the state's lawmakers go about the job of implementing this absurd legislation. Will they, for example, rule that textbooks must describe what the state classifies as acceptable behavior? Or exactly how? Should the state require textbooks used in its schools to provide play-by-play descriptions of the behavior they sanction? Just where does this stop? Should not the 'contributions' of convicted thieves be celebrated? Or those of serial killers? Or embezzlers?

"The matter of the content of school textbooks has long been a controversial subject, but until now it has never reached the point where specific parts of the population are singled out for preferential treatment, especially when the segment of the population is distinguished solely by their sexual preferences." - Michael Reagan, the former president's douchebag oldest son, writing for Town Hall about California's pending law requiring that notable LGBT historical figures be included in state textbooks.

NOTE: That's right, the son of a former president just compared you to serial killers, embezzlers, and convicted thieves.

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