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Sen. Ruben Diaz: JMG Was MEAN To Me!

"Last Tuesday, a website posted an article titled: 'Sen. Ruben Douchebag: I Made History.' The tag labels that follow that online piece are as vulgar as possible. I quote them here not to amplify their vulgarity, but to let people know the ever-growing hatred freely expressed by those who claim to promote tolerance: 'assholery, batshittery, bigotry, bovine spongiform encephalopathy, douchenozzles, evil, and f***weasels'. [snip] For all intents and purposes I am a stranger to this person, yet for some reason I have his full attention. As a religious leader I thank the Lord that he continues to pay attention to my efforts to spread the Word of God. I hope and pray that since he seems to be a grown man, he will try to no longer promote vulgarity, indecency and hatred online or elsewhere." - Sen. Ruben Diaz, writing about this blog on his official state webpage.

Diaz, as always you've got a lot of nerve to whine like a titty-baby because somebody on the internet was mean to you. What outrageous hypocrisy to hear this from a man who just led thousands and thousands of raging evangelicals through the streets of my city as they waved signs calling for my eternal damnation and gave speeches LITERALLY calling for my murder. Fuck YOU, Ruben Diaz. Fuck you right in the motherfucking ear.

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