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TEXAS: Another Anti-Gay Hate Group Joins Gov. Rick Perry's Prayer Event

"I am honored to be a national co-chair of The Response. [Our members] are invited to take part in whatever way possible, whether it's coming to actually be a part of the event, or just praying at home. We believe that it's just important that women of faith come together and pray for our country. How far have we come as a nation from the early days of George Washington calling people to prayer, to today, where a governor calls on people within his state and people around the nation to come together in prayer and lawsuits get filed?" - Penny Nance, head of Concernstipated Women for America.

NOTE: While Perry may say he has no issue with same-sex marriage (in the name of states' rights), through his prayer rally he has aligned himself with virtually all off the most virulently anti-gay groups in the nation. These are hate groups that have publicly advocated to have you imprisoned and deported. Remember that the next time somebody mentions Rick Perry's position on marriage.

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