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Tony Perkins: Gayness Is Not A Choice

"Journalists' 'fact-checking' services can be just as prone to bias and factual error as the politicians they're checking. PolitiFact analyzed former Gov. Tim Pawlenty's statements on the origins of homosexuality. Meet the Press host David Gregory had asked: 'Is being gay a choice?' Pawlenty began his response by saying, 'Well, the science in that regard is in dispute.' PolitiFact rated that lone sentence as 'false.' But the 'choice' question is meaningless unless you also define what you mean by 'gay.' Same-sex attraction is not a choice, but homosexual conduct and homosexual self-identification are choices." - Family Research Council head Tony Perkins, making what appears to be an about-face in his daily email to his followers.

NOTE: Italics are Perkins', sentence bolding is mine.

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