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Email Of The Day - Eugene Delguadio

"Dear Joe, Yes, it's true, homosexual activists are riding high. Homosexual marriage passed in New York; judges in Iowa threw out two hundred years of law and declared for homosexual marriage by fiat; a judge in California denies the vote of the people and declares homosexual marriage a 'right'; and every day the drumbeat from the media and Hollywood culture is how good and normal homosexual sex is and how you and I are bigoted fools blinded by a false religion. Now homosexual activists bang through the halls of Congress chortling with glee. They insist they have the votes to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, and Obama will sign it. They even hint they plan to introduce legislation mandating homosexual marriage in every state. Old friends shy away from me in the hallways. I can see it in their eyes, fear." - Eugene Delguadio, self-declared Public Advocate of the Unites States, in another hilariously bombastic plea for the donations.

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