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GHANA: National Clergy Head Warns Of God's "Ferocious" Punishment For Gays

Ghana's Archbishop of the International Council for Clergy today joined in the rising campaign against homosexuals, warning that God's ferocious retribution would be rained down on his nation's gay people. That retribution, of course, will come at the hands of God's Gentle People.
Archbishop Ofori-Atta said the judgment of God was not only upon practitioners, but also on all admirers, encouragers and helpers and therefore warned the Ghanaian authorities especially Parliament not to legalise gay marriages. “Let the Government heed to wisdom and arise in these perilous times and bar the practice of homosexuality. We, as an Ecclesiastical Body, condemn homosexuality and call on the Executive and the Legislature to enact and pass a law that will bar the perpetuation of homosexuality in this Beloved Nation of ours, “he added.

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