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Hong Kong Fights "Ex-Gay" Movement

Dan Choi writes on
I write with great concern because Hong Kong's Social Welfare Department recently held a workshop for its staff led by a psychiatrist who claims he can "cure" LGBT people by having them take cold showers. The quack doctor, Hong Kwai-wah, is affiliated with Exodus Global Alliance, a discredited group whose work is rejected by every major medical and mental health organization. As the "ex-gay" message fails in America, Exodus is looking to exploit new markets and export hate overseas. Exodus' last global "outreach" was in Uganda, leading to the notorious and deadly Anti-Homosexuality Bill. This is why it is crucial that we stand up today against Exodus' opportunistic spread of homophobic lies in Asia. By signing our petition, you will tell the Social Welfare Department that its endorsement of "ex-gay therapy" is bringing great shame to Hong Kong and making a mockery of the department's mission to empower communities with dignity, harmony, and happiness.
Hit the above link to sign the petition.

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